New Custom Godzilla Figure! The “Gory Goliath”

Long ago, I was a web comic artist. The labors of that time bore fruit and inspired the readers of Twisted Kaiju Theater to celebrate kaiju fandom in their own ways. One of those readers was The Almighty Rayzilla. Ray went on to become a prolific kaiju artist and figure customizer. I’ve gotten a few of his pieces, but now I own a unique one.
Above is the Gory Goliath, a recoloring of David Silva’s NECA 1954 Godzilla in the colors of the American Poster release for the 1954 movie. It was probably that poster that gave Americans the idea that Godzilla is green, when he’s really charcoal grey.
I am proud to own this excellent piece, and look forward to using it in my art in the VERY near future.