The latest Twisted Kaiju Theater webcomic, “The Promise”.
My name is Sean McGuinness. My arrest record says That Godzilla Guy.
I wake up every day and I feel like I’m watching my best friend being assaulted, and I can’t do anything about it. That is what the opposition has done to my country. I don’t feel like I make a difference, no matter how much I am out there fighting, even on the front lines.
Twisted Kaiju Theater was not a webcomic. It was a blog through which I projected my fears, my loneliness, and my need for attention. Somewhere along the way I accidentally made something people wanted to read.
So “The Promise” is about my promise to you. I want to use my webcomic to fight not only for causes, but to fight my anxiety. Rather than shutting down and doing nothing, I’m going to fight the best way I know how. Leading through example, sitting at the back of the class and lobbing spitballs. I’m going to try and get five new haters every single day, and make them watch and hate me for existing one more day.
Fight and fight and fight with all of your might, even though one day you’re going to die. Because I’m going to leave a club for my son to pick up, for when he steps onto the battlefield.
He will learn all of my strengths and all of my flaws, and he will use those to combat his own. He will be better than me.
With your support, I will start up Twisted Kaiju Theater again. Spread the word.