Caption Contest

As part of an N.M.I. contest, loyal fans got to submit THEIR ideas for what the caption would be on this cartoon.
G.I.N.O.: Ok Ok, I'll go on Sally and get the makeover!

--Submitted by

G.I.N.O.: Okay! Okay! It's not my fault Tri-Star humiliated you Goji! I'm sorry!
Burning Goji: Yeah, just what King Kong said after he fought ol' Goji.
Goji 2000: Can I eat his tail after we rip him to shreds?
Original Goji: Yeah fine, LET'S GET HIM!
TriZilla: *Gulp* Momzilla...
--Submitted by Will
G.I.N.O.: "Listen up !! Burning G you go long. King-Goji, you go out about 4 yards and give a hard right cut. G2000, Stay back with me in case I fake. The rest of you keep your heads & tails up."
--Submitted by James Giarraputo
G.I.N.O.:" Ok ok I think the Japanese Godzilla is the best just please don't hurt me!"
--Submitted by Eric
G.I.N.O.:" Wait! Wait! I'm a C8 Loose Marmit Vinyl Paradise Ameri-Goji! REALLY! Lemme go find my tag!"
--Submitted by Sean McGuinness