VH-1's popular music documentary goes Behind the Vinyl with Toho Studios, featuring Angurias' first televised internet interview in over 25 years.

Angurias, a fan favorite among kaiju fans
On April 24th, 1955, a black-and-white kaiju film would be released as the sequel to the groundbreaking 1954 movie, "Godzilla." Released in America as "Gigantis, Fire Lizard" it featured the second kaiju to ever grace the Toho screen, Angurias. At the time he was a struggling actor, born a poor vinyl boy in Tokyo's rough and tumble Shinjuku district. He got the part at Godzilla's co-star working odd jobs in the Toho Studios as a busboy and janitor. He was allowed to use his own name in the film, where he spent most of the film getting the snot kicked out of him by the film's star, Godzilla.
The Big G
"I remember him very well," says Godzilla. "That kid could really take a beating. There were times I heard him screaming 'Ow. Ow. Ow. Not my kidneys.' or something like that, but I figured he was trying to spur me on to really lay the smack down on his spikey ass. It was one of my better fight scenes."

It was this torrential, gargantuan butt-whuppin' which gave Angurias another co-starring position in the August 1st, 1968 production of "Destroy All Monsters" and March 12th, 1972's "Godzilla vs. Gigan." Both movies earned considerable respect for the way Angurias violently attacked his opponent's fists with his face. However, fame and fortune would soon elude Angurias after a fateful mishap during the filming of the 1974 film "Godzilla vs. MechaGodzilla." In the scene, Angurias was supposed to attack a fake, bionic Godzilla played by Lee Majors. But something went terribly wrong.

"You can't prove anything!!!"
"Well look, I'm here to set the record straight." MG-1 claims that during the shooting, Angurias was snacking underneath a tarp of dirt and clay where he was practicing his lines for the upcoming fight.

"I saw him choking on a Big Mac and rushed to help him. I wasn't gonna to the hiemlich manuever on him with those spikes on his back, so I figured I'd reach down his throat and pull it out."

A deadly, but not fatal, injury
What happened next was a nightmare of events. Angurias suffered a serious injury to his jaw which prevented him from speaking his lines. Some workers at the filming said that MG-1 was jealous of Angurias' recurring role in the Godzilla films and injured him on purpose. They also claim there were no McDonald's in Japan that year, so how could he be choking on a Big Mac. Regardless, without the ability to play his part, MG-1 took his place and Angurias was soon unemployed.
Angurias doing some urban renewal
Angurias now is free to tell what really happened that fatefull day. "Yeah, Mecha-Butt was jealous of me. I'm sitting there, waiting for my cue to pop up, when he screams 'Respect my Authori-tie!' and starts punching out my teeth! I was sucking lemon sours through a straw for weeks and it turned my poop orange!"

Fortunately for the actor, Toho's medical benifits and the resulting lawsuit gave him enough money to survive well after the Godzilla films had stopped filming. MG-1 was last seen selling bootleg Trendmasters toys on a street corner for drug money.

Angurias's new home: Imported Americanized Syndicated Television`
But what became of Angurias? "After the money ran out, I was desperate!" Angurias says. "I took jobs working as a Barney the Dinosaur stand-in. But then my big chance came!"

In Japan a new anime had started known as Digimon: Digital Monsters. In the second season, he played the part of Armadillomon. No one knew it was Angurias until he transformed into his champion form: Ankylomon. Then the rumors of an Angurias comeback were soon in the works. Speculation of him making a return in the revamped "Godzilla 2000" series spread like wildfire.

Monster Zero reported that he would be in the biggest kaiju slamfest since "Destroy All Monsters", starring alongside Mothra, Ghidorah and Godzilla 2000.

Angurias as Ankylomon
But bad luck seized Angurias like a fat, sweaty inmate on some fresh fish.

The studio which produced Digimon: Digital Monsters had released the cartoon, dubbed, in America. Angurias was legally bound by his contract to continue with the anime instead of jumping ship to Toho Studios. With Angurias bound by red tape, fans were robbed of the opportunity to see their cult favorite icon. Toho Studios chose to replace Angurias with Baragon, who was touring with the Red Hot Chili Peppers as a bouncer on the Lolapalooza tour.

Only time will tell if Angurias returns to the silver screen with his vinyl buddies.