Darkness! After Party

Black culture

(Or somebody pushes Space-hojo's little red button)

Black culture. As much as those words seem to be an oxymoron given today's view of things, it was definitely a different thing in the 70's. It was the first time as a race black's were allowed to define themselves and in some ways we blew it. Don't get me wrong, we had plenty of off color help in blowing it, but we did plenty to damn ourselves. In the 60's we tried to dress normal and fit in. All of a sudden in the 70's we had to have platform shoes and afro's (BTW, getting an afro or a 'blow-out' as it was called hurt like hell. The barber shop was just loaded with crying kids such as myself and the barbers only knew two hairstyles. So it was either a half-hour of hair-rending pain or a crew cut'.but I digress). I'm sure we were an amusing sight for an entire generation of Americans, an entire race wearing platform heels while using 'black power' afro picks to painfully comb the knots out of a hair-style that would knot up on the hint of wind. And the food...

Have you ever been through the collard green experience? Let me take you there. It's early Sunday morning, around 7 a.m. It's the only day you can sleep in (because Saturday morning cartoons are still worth a crap so you can't sleep late on Saturdays) You're lying in bed peacefully when your olfactory senses are assaulted by what can best be described rotting kangaroo butt doused in something unnatural. Convinced that death itself has come to take you away you scramble out of bed only to discover your mother has started cooking collard greens for that evening's dinner. No, I didn't stutter, I said dinner. For the next 12 hours this crap is cooking and stinking up the house good. Now I've been told that collard greens are more of a southern thing and not a black thing, but that's only because we got you fooled too. Along with the advent of 'jive' you start to get this cultural picture that only got worse with Hollywood. Now don't get me wrong. Everything wasn't wrong with this 'culture' It had some damn fine points as well. The music was fantastic, we were beginning to get along (whites and blacks) as a people, and platform shoes are a lot cooler than you think. (By the way, that jive walk we all had? We were just trying not to fall) Looking back 'I wish those days would come back once more' as Stevie Wonder put it. And it's loads better than the murder and thugs culture of today. If only we could have done something about the food. Chitlins. What on earth were we thinking?


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