TKT 360 Achievements

Glutton for Punishment - 100G
Read through the entire TKT Archives in a single day.
Hairy Palms - 100G
View every Kaiju Girl picture in the galleries in a single day.
Starstruck - 100G
Meet Shin-Goji in person.
Inappropriate Touching - 100G
Hug at least two Toxic Pirates.
Be Gentle - 75G
Create a Kaiju Girl and get her added to the galleries.
Smile for the Camera - 50G
Get your fancomic submitted to the comic archives.
Foxy Lady - 50G
Get your Kaiju Girl artwork submitted to the galleries..
Heavy Lifting - 25G
Recognize where five jokes have been stolen from other sources.
Dirty Dozen - 10G
Find twelve Easter Eggs.
Robots in Disguise - 10G
Visit the profile of five spambots in the forums.
Missing Link - 10G
Find and report a broken or misdirected link.
Welcome to Neo-Monster Island - 10G
Get registered on the forums and read the forum guidelines.
2 Have N 2 Hold - InfinityG
Marry Shin-Goji.
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