Roundcon 2011 IV

Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- It is a forum that allows people to play different roles for a weekend, but two people say they found new roles for a lifetime.

Hundreds of gamers and roleplayers are in town as part of the 25th annual RoundCon convention. Two of the visitors said they found love at a similar event.

"This very attractive young lady came by and I took a picture of her with one of my Godzilla figures and as I was looking through the camera, I just stared at her and all of a sudden go oh my Lord, I'm in love," Sean McGuinness said.

"I was actually dressed as a Renaissance Princess and he was at the table next to me," said Shirley McGuinness.

The couple met about six years ago at a gaming convention in New York.

"She moved down to be with me and we got married about a year later," Sean said. "We have been married for three years and it is all because of Godzilla."

According to Shirley, the idea of finding love at a gaming and anime convention sounds more like science fiction to others.

"Some people are surprised that people of different passions can get together and meet that way, but passion is passion, if you are happy with what you are and what you are doing, it is easy to find somebody else," Shirley said.

"I had no idea I would ever meet anyone, who would not just tolerate my love for Godzilla," Sean said. "She is my greatest inspiration."

Over 400 people from across the Southeast are expected to attend the convention.

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