“Three Hammers Forge A Monster”

Triad“Three Hammers Forge A Monster”
Everyone knows about Hiroshima and Nagasaki. But that is only a third of Godzilla’s origin myth. Operation: Castle Bravo was 2.5 times stronger than anticipated, and the military thought they had accidentally cracked the Earth in two.
What did happen is a coral reef was atomized and the radioactive ash fell from the sky like snow. The Lucky Dragon fishing boat happened into this fallout. Everyone was irradiated and it created an international outcry against atomic testing. The Lucky Dragon is mentioned in the beginning of the 1954 film, and is referenced as Operation: Lucky Dragon in DVD extras from the 2014 film.
As he lay dying, the radio operator from the boat said, “I pray I am the last person to die from an atomic bomb.”
Only time will tell.



Here is my final (or next to final since Friday is the last day) plea to encourage (beg) you to vote for THAT GODZILLA GUY as BEST VISUAL ARTIST.
You don’t have to vote in every category, but you need to vote in at least fifteen. You can use as many email addresses as you have. And remember if I win, then next year I won’t actively campaign for myself, I will throw my support to another deserving artist, because a rising tide floats us all. Plus you’ll get the benefit of not having to listen to me ask for your votes.
Below are some categories I support or that support That Godzilla Guy.
Best Free Times Cover Story – A City on Fire
Biggest Media Hog – Nikki Haley
Biggest Improvement in Columbia This Year – Main Street
Best Use of Public Funds – Main Street
Biggest Waste of Public Funds – Bull Street Baseball Stadium
Best City Council Member – Anyone BUT Cameron Runyan
Best Activist Group or Effort – SC Equality
Biggest Local ‘Zero’ – Nikki Haley
Best Charity – Harvest Hope Food Bank
Best Green Business or Initiative – Soda City Market
Biggest ‘Our Dumb State’ Moment – Charleston Shooting
Best Place to Take Out-of-Towners – Riverbanks Zoo
Best Annual Event or Festival – SC Pride Festival
Best Visual Artist – THAT GODZILLA GUY
Best Art Gallery – 701
Best Local Theatre Production – Evil Dead The Musical
Best Chef – Joe Turkaly
Best Take Out Food – The Hot Box
Best Chiropractor – Midlands Health Center
Anything Comic Book or Retail Music Related – Scratch N’ Spin