TKT 101: Musical Interlude

TKT 151: TKT Crib Sheet II

TKT 102: We're Back

TKT 152: TKT Crib Sheet III

TKT 103: Secret History I

TKT 153: TKT Crib Sheet IV

TKT 104: Secret History II

TKT 154: TKT Crib Sheet V

TKT 105: Tyrone

TKT 155: TKT Crib Sheet VI

TKT 106: Math

TKT 156: TKT Crib Sheet VII

TKT 107: Side Story

TKT 157: TKT Crib Sheet VIII

TKT 108: Facebook Games

TKT 158: TKT Crib Sheet IX

TKT 109: Friend Request

TKT 159: TKT Crib Sheet X

TKT 110: Breakup I

TKT 160: TKT Crib Sheet XI

TKT 111: Breakup II

TKT 161: TKT Crib Sheet XII

TKT 112: Mercury Rising

TKT 162: TKT Crib Sheet XIII

TKT 113: Moon

TKT 163: TKT Crib Sheet XIV

TKT 114: Birthday

TKT 164: TKT Crib Sheet (Back Cover)

TKT 115: History 103

TKT 165: Parakeetal Activity I

TKT 116: Socks And Bonds

TKT 166: Parakeetal Activity II

TKT 117: Interesting

TKT 167: Parakeetal Activity III

TKT 118: Irish Jokes

TKT 168: Parakeetal Activity IV

TKT 169: Parakeetal Activity V

TKT 120: Studiovania

TKT 170: Parakeetal Activity VI

TKT 121: Trade In I

TKT 171: Parakeetal Activity VII

TKT 122: Trade In II

TKT 172: Parakeetal Activity VIII

TKT 123: Kaijuwood Shuffle (Cover)

TKT 173: Ask Shin-Goji I

TKT 124: Kaijuwood Shuffle I

TKT 174: Ask Murugu

TKT 125: Kaijuwood Shuffle II

TKT 175: Fourth Walls

TKT 126: Kaijuwood Shuffle III

TKT 176: 24 Hour Comic Day I

TKT 127: Kaijuwood Shuffle IV

TKT 177: 24 Hour Comic Day II

TKT 128: Kaijuwood Shuffle V

TKT 178: 24 Hour Comic Day III

TKT 129: Kaijuwood Shuffle VI

TKT 179: 24 Hour Comic Day IV

TKT 130: Kaijuwood Shuffle VII

TKT 180: 24 Hour Comic Day V

TKT 131: Kaijuwood Shuffle VIII

TKT 181: 24 Hour Comic Day VI

TKT 182: Gee, Gundam I

TKT 133: Kaijuwood Shuffle X

TKT 183: Gee, Gundam II

TKT 134: Kaijuwood Shuffle XI

TKT 184: Real Men Of Genius

TKT 135: Kaijuwood Shuffle XII

TKT 185: Wings

TKT 136: Kaijuwood Shuffle XIII

TKT 186: Static

TKT 137: Kaijuwood Shuffle XIV

TKT 187: Formerly Known As

TKT 138: Kaijuwood Shuffle XV

TKT 188: My Kinda Zilla

TKT 139: Kaijuwood Shuffle XVI

TKT 189: Ranger Danger I

TKT 140: Kaijuwood Shuffle XVII

TKT 190: Ranger Danger II

TKT 141: Kaijuwood Shuffle XVIII

TKT 191: Ranger Danger III

TKT 142: Kaijuwood Shuffle XIX

TKT 192: Ranger Danger IV

TKT 143: Kaijuwood Shuffle XX

TKT 193: The Firm

TKT 144: Kaijuwood Shuffle XXI

TKT 194: No Freaking Thanks

TKT 145: Kaijuwood Shuffle XXII

TKT 195: Accident and Injury

TKT 146: Kaijuwood Shuffle XXIII

TKT 196: Skyrimming

TKT 147: Kaijuwood Shuffle XXIV

TKT 197: King Comparison

TKT 148: Kaijuwood Shuffle XXV

TKT 198: Capitalism is a Helluva Drug I

TKT 149: TKT Crib Sheet (Cover)

TKT 150: TKT Crib Sheet I

TKT 200: Do You Like These Apples?

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If you are looking for the OLD comics, I took them down. They no longer represent who I am now, and I have the right to decide what defines me. I take FULL ownership of the person who I used to be, and the person who I am now is represented in my work. It's called growing up.