TKT 201: 2001 Ways I

TKT 202: 2001 Ways II

TKT 203: Just Primal

TKT 204: Pun-ishers

TKT 205: Who Goes There?

TKT 206: You Fool!

TKT 207: Burn Island

TKT 208: Brother's Keeper I

TKT 209: Brother's Keeper II

TKT 210: Brother's Keeper III

TKT 211: Brother's Keeper Epilogue

TKT 212: A New Hope

TKT 213: Oh The Toxic Fanity

TKT 214: I'll See About THAT!

TKT 215: G&K

TKT 216: Arachnophilia

TKT 217: Manic Monday

TKT 218: Sidekicks

TKT 220: Turning Jet

TKT 221: King of Jokes

TKT 222: Mazin-Bro - Prelude

TKT 223: Mazin-Bro I

TKT 224: Mazin-Bro II

TKT 225: Mazin-Bro III

TKT 226: Mazin-Bro IV

TKT 227: Mazin-Bro V

TKT 228: Mazin-Bro VI

TKT 229: Mazin-Bro VII

TKT 230: Mazin-Bro VII

TKT 231: Mazin-Bro IX

TKT 233: Let's Get It On I

TKT 234: Let's Get It On: II

TKT 235: Power Hour

TKT 236: Southern Drawls

TKT 237: Shut Yo Mouth

TKT 238: Photo Shoppes

TKT 239: Destruction Porn

TKT 240: Kaiju Blood

TKT 241: Old Memes

TKT 241: Yello Bricks

TKT 243: Go Go

TKT 244: It's In There

TKT 245: Elden Rings

TKT 246: Rules of Gojiller

TKT 247: MONARCH Follies I

TKT 248: MONARCH Follies II

TKT 249: MONARCH Follies III

TKT 250: On Golden Wings I

copyright Neo-Monster Island 2000

If you are looking for the OLD comics, I took them down. They no longer represent who I am now, and I have the right to decide what defines me. I take FULL ownership of the person who I used to be, and the person who I am now is represented in my work. It's called growing up.