Sean McGuinness, is a Kaijū(Japanese – “strange beast”) enthusiast and ne’er-do-well from West Columbia. Using Godzilla toys and digital techniques, he destroys pre-conceived notions of what art should be. The terrible beasts of cinema are inserted into images of the Palmetto State, the Civil War, French Impressionism, Japanese woodblock prints and more. His methods and vision are unconventional, but the results are always unmistakable.

“Nature may point out the folly of man, but I’m here to preach Art Appreciation Through Godzillafication.”

Godzillafications [noun] God-zill-a-fi-ca-tions (gd-zɪlə-f-kshn):

An artwork or consequence growing out of Sean’s unique vision to interject his Godzilla Collectibles into established works of art, photographs, or concepts. It ranges from serious gravitas to social and political satire, yet always centers around a deep love of the kaiju [giant monster] eras of past, present and future. The purpose is to not only spread the love of Godzilla and his eternal, relevant messages, but to also connect people with art who would not normally appreciate traditional arts or even Godzilla himself.